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There comes a time in most of our lives when we wonder who we are at our truest self and are we truly living our unique purpose. Through weekly, engaging, fun conversation via Zoom, Lisa comes alongside as a certified life coach, creating a safe place to explore your desires, asking powerful questions to bring clarity and championing you to step confidently into the life you were created to live.


Who Am I?

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Do you often put other people’s needs above your own?
Feel lost in transition?
Question your purpose?
Through thought-provoking conversation and insightful questions, remember who you are underneath all you do.

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What Do I Want?

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What are your core values?
What makes life fulfilling?
What were you born to do?
Through proven tools using the CoActive Coaching model, discover what you came here to do and the impact you were created to make.

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How Do I Get There?

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Ever wake up and realize you’re stuck?
Feel like you’re walking through life on auto-pilot?
Wish you just knew how to begin?
Through deep listening with empathy and intuition, Lisa will walk beside you as you gain confidence, get clear on your goals and take action steps to create a fulfilling life of freedom, peace, happiness, and purpose.

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“With Lisa’s guidance, I am exceeding goals that I thought were out of reach and enjoying renewed relationships that I thought were beyond repair.” – D.B.


*With You*

“With Lisa’s help, I have been able to awaken my inner wants and needs and to find myself again” C.C.

*Got Your Back*

“Her kindness and empathy provided such a safe space to improve every facet of my world. The conversations were a beautiful mix of fun and focus.” – B.B.

*Let’s Go*

“Thanks to Lisa, I have learned that a truly fulfilling life is possible and right around the corner!” – S.N.


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