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Welcome! (or Welcome Back!)

FullSizeRender15 years ago, on July 15, 2001 I wrote my first blog entry. Although, way back then, the term “blog” hadn’t even been introduced into the online vernacular. I called it my “Daily Journal.” (I think this might qualify me as one of the first, if not the very first, “Mom Blogger.”)

I started writing that daily journal/blog because my family was embarking on a wild adventure around America in an RV for a year and I wanted a place to chronicle our journey. I invited my family and friends to follow us and by the end of our trip we had tens of thousands of new friends joining us on this grand journey.

8 years ago, I stopped writing that blog because I was going through a season of my life that invited more intentional presence at home and with flesh-and-blood relationships. But, I’ve never forgotten about the wonderful online “family and friends” I made.

Fast forward to today – I leave next week on another grand adventure, this time solo, but I don’t want to be completely alone. So, would you join me? I will be walking 500 miles across the north of Spain on a sacred pilgrimage called The Camino de Santiago.

Beginning tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about this journey, sometimes called, “The Way,” and I’ll share my reasons for stepping out on this ancient path. In the meantime, Welcome! Or Welcome Back! I’m so happy to share this epic experience with you.

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