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Walking In A Fog

Do you ever feel like you are walking through a fog? You can barely see the outline of a future in front of you but not well enough to make out any details. Do you ever feel like the fog is inside you? Your mind is cloudy? Your heart is misty? Your soul feels consumed with what you can’t see yet can feel all around you? It hides the truth but in the disappearance it feels lost forever. Sometimes, nature reflects our interior landscape. This morning I walked inside of a cloud for three hours, literally and figuratively. This is what it looked like captured on film and slipping through my fingers in words.


The Consuming Fog

The mountains disappeared.
One minute they were there,
then they were gone.
Where there was land,
there was now only
white sky
meeting blue sky.


The valley became the ocean.
Rolling waves of misty waters
filled the basin.
All that was left was the tree line
a hundred yards in front of me.
Before they, too,
retreated behind the veil.


I realized the fog was coming for me.
First, it ate the mountains.
Then it drowned the valley.
It turned the trees white with fright.
I was sitting
inside a cloud.

I felt it all around me
but couldn’t see
the presence,
the specter,
the spirit.
I was looking out
but knew
I was hidden
from within.


I am now invisible to the mountains.
From the valley’s perspective
I, too, have been engulfed
by the great devourer.
Even those closest to me,
the trees,
feel all alone.


The cloud condensed inside my heart
and rains tears down my cheeks.
Who knew nature could feel
as invisible
and overwhelmed
and alone
as humanity.


From the outside
I would see
it is all illusion.
But when you are consumed
it feels so real
it looks so real.


Burn away our foggy perceptions,
dear sun god,
that we may no longer see
through the glass dimly
but clearly


I call through the trees,
across the valley
and to the mountains,
“I’m here. I’m here!
I know you can’t see me
but I am here.
Be still
and know
I Am.”

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