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Lisa has lived, at least, as many lives as a cat in her 50-some-odd years. You may know Lisa Whelchel best from her days playing “Blair” on the 80’s television show, “The Facts of Life.” Or, perhaps, from her 39 excruciating days on CBS’s show, “Survivor” in 2011. If you’re old enough, you may even remember watching her as a kid on Walt Disney’s “The New Mickey Mouse Club” in the 70’s. You may even have one of the cassette tapes of her Grammy-nominated album, “All Because of You.”

Lisa’s favorite role – by far! – has been as a mother to her three children and now three children-in-love and one granddaughter. Leaving show business to be a stay-at-home mom, she homeschooled her children through high school (with lots of help during the high school years. :) ) She was married for 23 years to Steve, who is still one of her dearest friends. The highlight of these years was when they all piled into an Allegro RV and traveled around the country for a year discovering America and, more importantly, each other. Lisa is now remarried, lives in Nashville and has a new stepson to love and enjoy.

Along the way, she has authored over a dozen books, is an inspirational speaker before audiences as large as 24,000, started MomTime groups across the nation, was one of the first bloggers (before “blog” was even a word,) and was a “Personal Mom Coach” before coaching was cool.

Since her children have flown out of the proverbial nest, Lisa has taken to living as much adventure as possible. She has traveled to India twice partnering with Rescue:Freedom, an organization committed to ending sex slavery for women and children. She embarked on an 11-day Vision Quest in the canyons of Utah. Attended a 30-day silent retreat. Walked 500 miles across Spain on the Camino de Santiago. Stayed for one month at Milestones, an experiential therapy center. Filmed a movie with Tyler Perry. Hosted a talk show with Jeff Probst. Created and filmed a Hallmark Movie with her daughter, Clancy. Hosts “Collector’s Call” on MeTV Network. Was trained at an Enneagram workshop. Is a Level One Certified IFS (Internal Family Systems) facilitator. And jumped out of an airplane with her brother. (But, she still can’t cook without burning everything.)

All that to say, if you are looking for a guide to living a full life of fun, freedom, purpose, impact, and joy, then Lisa is the coach for you.

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