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The Death and Resurrection of My Phone and Calling

Well, the Camino threw me into the deep end of the “trust” pool last night to teach me how to swim in the waters of…

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I Met A Man

Where do I begin? I’m now 72 very full hours of Camino life behind blogging and those 3 days have been filled with 3 months…

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My Other Love Affair

I enjoyed a quiet, easy day in Pamplona. I stayed in bed until 10:00! Then enjoyed lunch of tapas and Sangria before walking into town…

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Moved To Happy/Sad Tears

I am at the airport getting ready to fly to Iceland. I'm feeling too anxious to even think about  composing a new blog entry before my flight departs. So, I looked through my journal entries from my silent retreat again. (I may…

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INFJ 3w2 Gemini

No, that is not a secret code of some sort. Then again, in a way, it kinda is. They are, actually, ways I identify in different personality typings. They are on my mind today because I have just spent the…

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