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I never believed in life coaching.  It wasn’t until a few events turned my life upside down that I realized I had lost myself.  I was stuck and no longer knew what I wanted from life.  I needed help. Hiring Lisa as my life coach has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Her genuine spirit creates a light and safe atmosphere, and her coaching style is uniquely balanced with a combination of inspiration, empathy, and humor.  With Lisa’s help, I have been able to awaken my inner wants and needs and to find myself again.  And when I falter, she quickly reads between the lines and brings me right back to the heart of the matter.  She is the real deal!  At the end of each session, I feel like I just finished a master life class.

Thanks to Lisa, I have learned that a truly fulfilling life is possible and right around the corner!  I am forever changed and could not be more grateful.


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