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“Years of life changing events along with a very demanding career left little time for me to focus on myself and understand thoroughly what I really wanted out of life, the hidden me I wanted people to see and how to go about getting to that place. In looking for a Life Coach, I found in Lisa an ideal match. Rarely do we take the time to be completely present and honest with ourselves and on top of that have someone that will listen and understand everything you are throwing out there. From the very first session I was impressed with her ability to closely connect with my specific situation, challenges, values and desires. Her focus, intuition, insightfulness and ability to sense where you are in that moment is extraordinary. Her method of coaching is one I find extremely stimulating and effective. She never leads, advises or instructs me…Lisa listens intently and then positions targeted questions in such a way that coaxes me to think about things from an angle I never knew existed before and then use my own inherent skills and creativity to help figure out next steps.  As a result of our sessions, I have bravely made some difficult life decisions, handled challenging life events with dignity and grace, become more at ease with showing my vulnerabilities, become equipped with tools to develop deep and meaningful relationships and have a clearer view of what I want to accomplish in this stage of my life. Lisa is truly exceptional at her craft and I highly doubt I would have come so far without her insightful and sensitive coaching. Plus, she leaves me so damn flummoxed with those questions of yours that the mental gymnastics always lead me to view things from an angle I never knew existed before and thinking about our conversations hours later. Equal parts flummoxed, enlightened and entertained…I like it.”


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