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Hiring a life coach was the best gift I have ever given myself. I was at a crossroads and needed help with direction and purpose. Lisa immediately established a sense of trust and sincere interest in my life. She doesn't hesitate to ask tough questions and is always willing to share my joy…read more

"Years of life changing events along with a very demanding career left little time for me to focus on myself and understand thoroughly what I really wanted out of life, the hidden me I wanted people to see and how to go about getting to that place. In looking for…read more

I can't say enough about Lisa's expertise and dedication to her clients as a life coach. She has helped me meet so many of my personal and professional goals already in just 4 sessions! I feel like I have grown through our conversations in ways I couldn't have with anyone…read more

"I never thought about seeing a life coach, but while going through a transition time in my life I decided to try a different approach, and it was the best decision I could have made. Lisa is a wonderful listener who seems to truly value her clients. Her nurturing and…read more

Life Coaching sessions with Lisa have been one of the best gifts I've given myself and my family. She has a way of helping me declutter the noise of life and find the music in both my work and in my personal life, in a very effective and focused weekly…read more

Lisa has an incredible way of helping you connect the dots and see the full picture that God has designed for you. The life coach experience with Lisa has given me a wonderful opportunity to focus on the parts of me, the goals in my life that will propel me…read more

Lisa is a real life coach in every sense of the phrase. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but the entire process was so valuable from start to finish. Lisa's process helps you to define for yourself what your goals and values are, and she's always there to help…read more

Working with Lisa was more than well worth it. Her ability to help lay out a clear path for meeting my goals was such a valuable experience. Navigating big changes like moving out of state, redefining my career, and connecting closely with my friends and loved ones was no small…read more

Lisa's approach as a life coach is truly life changing. Her kindness and empathy provide such a safe space to improve any facet of your world. The sessions were a beautiful mix of fun and focus. It was really cool to have a life coach that was able to keep…read more

I never believed in life coaching.  It wasn’t until a few events turned my life upside down that I realized I had lost myself.  I was stuck and no longer knew what I wanted from life.  I needed help. Hiring Lisa as my life coach has been one of the…read more

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